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Ethics Committee

Roles and Regulations

All projects funded through a research grant should produce at least one report which is freely and publicly available and produced in accordance with the requirements speci ed in the Guide for grant-holders. The IIRSG will not provide the nal funds for projects until the report is published and disseminated in accordance with the agreed Communications plan, and reserves the right to withhold up to 10% of the award amount for this purpose.

The host institution is responsible for the identi cation, protection and exploitation of any intellectual property rights arising from the grant. The RO must notify the IIRSG immediately if intellectual property rights of more than Rupees10,000 are expected or likely, or arise unexpectedly. The host institution or RO must not dispose of intellectual property rights of Rupees 10,000 or more without the written permission of the IIRSG. In exceptional circumstances, the IIRSG may seek to recoup more than the cost of the original grant.

The RO and the host institution (and not the IIRSG) are responsible for ensuring proper
nancial management of the grant and accountability for the use of charitable funds. Grants from the IIRSG should be treated as `Restricted Funds' for accounting purposes.

The grant must be drawn down quarterly in arrears and must be accompanied by a table setting out expenditure against the same budget categories used in the spreadsheet sent out with the Con rmation of award letter.

In exceptional cases where the IIRSG has agreed prior to the Con rmation of award that grant payments can be paid in advance, the End of project assessment should be accompanied by a full nancial statement, which relates actual expenditure to the original budget described in the application. Any money that has been paid in advance but remains unspent must be repaid within 30 days of the End of project assessment.

Equipment with a value of less than Rupees 5,000 that is funded by a grant is donated to
the host institution for the use of the project, and remains the property of the host institution afterwards. The IIRSG is not responsible for the housing, maintenance, insurance, or movement of any equipment either during or after the project. In cases where the equipment costs more than Rupees 5,000 and was purchased exclusively through funding by the IIRSG, the IIRSG must be consulted about its disposal, and in any disputed case will have the nal say.

All expenditure must be incurred by the end date of the grant as speci ed in the Con rmation of award or as subsequently revised in agreement with the IIRSG. Final claims must be submitted no later than six months after the end date of the grant, after which the IIRSG will retain any unclaimed grant balances. The IIRSG is not liable for funding any costs incurred after the end date of the project.

The IIRSG will not normally provide funds for staff to be appointed at, or promoted to, a
higher level than that approved by Trustees. If staff are appointed at lower levels, the IIRSG reserves the right to retain the balance.

The IIRSG does not provide funds in respect of the Apprenticeship Levy.

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