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Institute of Investigation in
Remote Sensing & GIS

IIRSG established in 1987, the Committee on Remote Sensing & GIS (CRSGIS) coordinates civil space-borne observations of the Earth. Participating agencies strive to enhance international coordination and data exchange and to optimize societal benefit. Currently, 150 members and associate members made up of space agencies, national, and international organizations participate in CRSGIS planning and activities.

Operational Scope

  • Multi-spectral and hyperspectral remote sensing (MHSRS)
  • Active and passive microwave remote sensing (APMRS)
  • Lidar and laser scanning (LLS)
  • Radio Network Architecture (RNA)
  • Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)
  • Geometric reconstruction (GR)
  • Physical modeling and signatures (PMS)
  • Change detection (CD)
  • Image processing and pattern recognition (IPPR)
  • Data fusion and data assimilation (DFDA)
  • Dedicated satellite missions (DSM)
  • Operational processing facilities (OPF)
  • Spaceborne, airborne and terrestrial platforms  (SAT Platform) 
  • Remote sensing applications (RS Application)

Mission Countdown

STLV-G1 : Dynamic Test

Raytheon's Ballistic Missile Defense Systems

NATO intelligence reports indicate the threat of ballistic missiles is increasing in number and complexity. By 2018, all of Europe could be at risk. From sensors to interceptors, Raytheon's proven ballistic missile defense systems provide layered defense around the world. Defending the continent requires a robust system of integrated land, sea and space Ballistic Missile Defense assets. This hypothetical scenario examines two critical Raytheon assets: AN/TPY-2 Radar and Standard Missile-3.

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